The Lexington “Estate” wines are sourced from the spectacular Gist Ranch Estate Vineyard located in the heart of Santa Cruz Mountains. The vineyard was densely planted in the year 2000 at elevations reaching 2300 feet above sea level, 17 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean. The heavily fractured, Vaqueros Sandstone soils and unique mountain micro-climate produce singular, deeply concentrated wines that demonstrate the power and elegance of the Santa Cruz Mountains appellation. The Gist Vineyard is farmed to organic principles with an emphasis on “Living Soils” and bio-diversity.

Four blocks of Cabernet Sauvignon are the foundation of the vineyard. A mix of newer French and old California selections give us the genetic diversity for creating complex, site driven wines. Smaller blocks of Merlot and Cabernet Franc are called upon as needed.

Cover-cropping, compost and vermi-compost teas are used to build the mico-flora and fauna of the soil. There is great importance placed on microbial diversity and the working of the soil is timed to maximize this end. The health of the soil has allowed us to nearly eliminate irrigation, dry farming most of the blocks even in drought years.